Photograph by Steve Barnett

Friday, 8 June 2012

Browned Off!... an expression the English use to indicate that one is displeased with a situation.  To be "Browned Off" indicates a degree of grumpiness and irritation and so it is with yours truly today.

No fishing today, the rain has kept on and on for hours and the river is up and coloured with run off and ochre from disused mines upstream. 

I had planned a lovely day of mayfly fishing for my guests, good friends from upriver to come down and enjoy the delights of Duck Holds Wood.  It was not to be and we have literally taken a rain check.

Ah well, there will be another day, hopefully soon.  Meanwhile the rain can only be doing the river good.  Better to lose a day or so of fishing than to suffer the horrible droughts we have had in the previous two years...

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