Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Duke of Wellington, again...

Yes reconnaissance is the main objective for the dry fly angler, at this time of the year, when by the water.  Fishing with wet flies for grayling is pleasant enough but, as far as our dry fly fishing is concerned, close scrutiny of mundane things can be informative.  These little observations can be stored away in the memory and cashed in when the season starts again.

Here are some pictures of a place that many of the Derbyshire anglers will recognise immediately...

We have had some high and brown water over the last two days but now the river is clearing yet staying restored to a better level than we have had in this year of drought.  This crease always generates an elongated eddy when the water is up like this.  Facing down river and casting up current near the edge is a good ploy when after fish sheltering from the main current's push.  This shot is taken from down river and if you look at the debris in the bottom left you can see the current in the edge is going upriver.  Hence the advice to fish from the upriver position if casting a dry fly.

This shot is taken from roughly where the angler might kneel to cast as just described.  But look what is happening in the crease itself...

There is a fine grayling working its way upriver right next to where the angler would be. 

What a useful thing to remember if we have high water next season!  Yes the eddy fish will be there, but I must not neglect the opportunity right next to me.

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