Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Our last day of the ....

... shooting season. 

Whilst the river is never long out of my mind and Henry and I walk by it on most days for some of its length, our Saturdays over winter have been spent picking up at a couple of shoots.  This Saturday just gone was our last day until next season.  No doubt Henry and your faithful blogger will be spending more time near the water from now on and he will have to be very patient again whilst tripod and camera are fiddled with for hours on end.

Here he is on the last day with a hen pheasant that reminded me more of a bumble bee than a bird.  It was so small, it was a wonder the gun managed to hit it!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible when a return to matters riverine will be duly effected...

Regular Rod

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Please Help This Project...

Here is a link to a Kickstarter Project that the world needs not just the UK.  The most amazing wildlife has been filmed all over the world and yet here in the UK we have species that have hardly ever been filmed and some that have never been filmed.  Why?  Well, simply put, they are out of sight and therefore out of mind.  And why is that?  It's because they are FISH.

Remember some of my feeble attempts to video fish in their habitat with a hand-held, waterproof, point and shoot camera set on video?


Well Jack Perks is a real master at underwater filming of fish in their natural habitat (not tanks) and you can rely on him to make a perfect job.  His project has the potential to do a great deal of good.  Especially when we try to persuade those who rule over us to consider the needs of fish when making decisions about weirs, hydro-power, sewage treatment, abstraction, land use, pollution, flood "prevention" et al.  It doesn't cost a lot to make this project happen.  Please have a look and pledge what you can.  Every contribution helps and yours might be the very one that triggered the project's coming to life.

Thank you.


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Rain and more Rain, the Lifeblood of the Countryside.

Do you like to see the winterbournes running and all the springs welling up to fill the rivers, level off the obstructions and make it a little easier for the fish to run up stream? 

So do I.  Springs, in particular, can be so beautiful.

Click the Pic for a closer look

Here's one by the side of the Derbyshire Wye.  It even has its own miniature world of ferns, ivy leaves and mosses supported by the bounteous gushing that disappears again under the ground to pour out into the river proper a few yards away.

What's this got to do with Dry Fly Fishing? 

To me? 


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