Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Happy Fourth of July 2021!

 Henry is an old dog now but he still enjoys a fishing trip.  Instead of walking the few miles there and back to the lower beats of the Derbyshire Wye, we now take the car.  

Low light level just before the thunderstorm is my excuse for the poor quality

Yesterday, the Third of July, we started fishing in the rain at around 18:00 hours.  We only fished for an hour or so, before a violent, and very noisy, electric storm sent us away, but not before we scored a Derbyshire Wye McNab of a rainbow trout, a brown trout and a grayling!  

All three fish came to a Double Badger carefully selected from "Jack's Box", and in so doing, although we had never met, it made me think of him, to wonder what he might have liked, and what we might have discussed by this, justly famous, dry fly fishing water.  In the imaginary conversation I had to check the telephone to ascertain the date.  My word, Third of July!  I must remember to wish the good folk in the USA a "very happy Fourth of July"!

So have a great day and try to get some fishing done in celebration of your Nation's birth!

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