Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Nice Challenge

Here, between the trailing dead twigs and the overhanging sawn off branch, is "the Spot" where the fly has to fit inside, land gently, with enough slack to avoid drag, then to drift to the left under the branches along that bubble line...

Ah, but here is the angle seen by the angler when sat down to avoid scaring the fish!

However, even that is not the end of the matter because as well as sitting down, the cast must be made from here on this side of the river... 

Of course you could do it, what's the problem?


Well, to tell you the Truth...

it's this "space" for the back cast, which ups the ante so much that to fold would be the sensible option.  Sensible?  Whoever heard of a "sensible" dry fly angler?

Regular Rod


  1. Wow! Rod, tell me you made the perfect cast and caught something besides shrubbery!

    1. Ah Howard your faith humbles me... As did the terrain...

      No I did not succeed this time. In fact I never even got near enough to put the fish down. It was still rising when I raised my hat to it in farewell!


  2. That is a good ending question. I sure have not! ;-)