Photograph by Steve Barnett

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Frolics in the Froth

Have a look at this.  The flies were getting stuck in this big patch of foam.  So a trout was getting stuck into the stuck flies...

Here's a close up crop that shows the fish rising in the foam and to the left of the fish you can see a couple of the trapped olives.  I put on a Double Badger that would show up well, sat down beside the foam, let a yard of tippet dangle from the tip ring and plonked the Double Badger as near as I could to the rises.  He took it almost immediately and then promptly pulled all the leader and a few yards of fly line out through the guides as he shot up river and then back down again. After a little while he came to the net and the hook fell out as the net took his weight.  I had no cover to hide behind.  All I did was sit there.  The foam hid me well enough.  Amazing what you can get away with sometimes!

Regular Rod


  1. Way to use the foam to your advantage. Awesome pics and nice job on getting the fish to fall for the Double Badger. Tight Lines.

  2. Some times it's nice to sit and dangle a fly. I try it at times from the high banks on the river with ants or beetles. It rests the old legs and back too. Well done RR.

    By Flyfishermanrichard. on Frolics in the Froth at 11:24