Photograph by Steve Barnett

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Now you see 'em... you don't!

Okay so I have this back to front.  You can walk by a stretch of water on a sunny day and looking at the river you can often be forgiven for asking yourself:

"Where are all the fish?"

You wander on worrying that there may be none there.

Come by in a summer's evening though and you will find yourself on the other end of the see-saw.  My pocket camera is very good but like other small cameras it refreshes rather slowly compared to a professional's DSLR or Leica M9.  So the sequence below is over four and a half minutes, but the results would have been very similar if taken over four and half seconds with a quicker camera.  The pictures are noisy due to the low light levels but you can still see the activity going on here.

Click each picture twice to get a much closer look.

At times like these I start asking myself not where all the fish are but instead:

How do they all fit in?

You can see why I implore you all to stay as late as you can whenever possible.

Regular Rod


  1. I see that on a pond and I ask 'where is my fly rod?'

  2. Those are some great images of the fish getting active when its dark. I was just out last night until it was to dark to see. One of the great things about fishing late into the evening during this time of year, is that the bugs don't attack you as bad either. Tight Lines. Great Pics.