Photograph by Steve Barnett

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Checking a bit more carefully...

...check list? 

Huh!  Fat lot of good if you don't look closely.

If you get to fish regularly your monofilament doesn't get chance to exceed its sell by/use by date.  It gets used up!

I did a silly thing yesterday.  The spools of monofilament were all there.  Each had a little tail of mono sticking out from the hole in the elastic that stops all the line spilling off the spool.  I needed to make a new tippet.  Pulled on my 5X and off came a foot of the monofilament.  That was it!  A foot!

Fortunately I had another spool but I nearly didn't bother bringing it.  Black spools don't let you see how much is left.  The elastic covers the turns so you don't get to see the arbor starting to show through, unless you check it.  There's a new item for the check list...  Check the amount left on the spools.  Check?... Check!  ü

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  1. I have did that before. Worse was I use an orvis reel that has a cartridge, well I cleaned my line and forgot to put the cartridge back back in the spool and lets say I drove the hour and half back home to get it :(

  2. It's why I like the clear spools, you can see what left over??

  3. That's a good idea.
    I know it's happened to me running out with a scant foot and a half of tippet material.