Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday 22 May 2022

Absence "makes the heart grow fonder" ???

After a medically enforced absence, it was wonderful to be out with a very good friend and once again enjoying the Derbyshire Wye.  The rust soon polished away and we were blessed with a very good start to the Mayfly season hereabouts.  Here we are, filled with happiness, after a really grand day.

And here is the only fly your blogger used all day, there was no need for anything else... 
(It's basically a Grey Duster but with dyed Yellow Squirrel Tail wing and Pheasant Tail fibres for the tail. )

Hopefully your blogger will be back again with more to report.  This first time back was very productive and days like this one certainly makes up for time lost with other worldly things.






  1. So good to see you up and about again. It would appear you haven't lost your touch.

    1. My touch is almost within reach, but not quite yet. More time by the rivers is needed!

  2. Richard, I'm sorry to hear about your health issue, but delighted to see you back out on your beloved Wye, fishing. All the very best, Justin.