Photograph by Steve Barnett

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Dan is this year's winner of the Wild Trout Trust auction lot for a day in Duck Holds Wood.  He was hoping that he might be able to catch one of the Wild Rainbow Trout, for which the Derbyshire Wye is justly famous.    Suffice it to say he was successful and with good reason.  Apart from a ridiculous hat that might have been designed to scare fish away, he was stealthy, observant and careful with his fishing.  His casting was good and seemed to get better as the day went on.

Here are a few snaps of Dan's day...

His first Wild Rainbow Trout.  Note the happy smile!
Here's Dan dealing with drag.  WHAT A HAT!
Dan smiling again...  WHAT A HAT!
This was a particularly satisfying fish to catch.  The picture below shows why...
"X" marks the spot where Dan had to land his fly!  Right in amongst the tangled woody debris...
Dan and a Wild Brown trout caught in the pool called "Selfridges Window".  Note the smile...  and HAT!

It was good to be out today.  Mayflies were being taken.  Fish were prepared to rise.  The rain stopped.  I had the good company of a guest who "got it" with regard to Duck Holds Wood and the river that curls its way through it.  Going home time came rather suddenly, we both wondered where the time had gone to, which is a sure sign we were having fun!

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  1. That is beautiful Water Rod. Despite the woody debris and shrubbery, it's my type of water. Congrats to Dan!

    1. Howard you have an open invitation to come fish with me if ever you are over here in England...

  2. Was Dan smiling ALL day? DHW tends to do that to people, especially with your company.

  3. I've fished it Howard and it's as good as it looks. By kind invitation I should mention.


  4. Rod
    What a great excursion for Dan, love it when someone gets hook on fly fishing. The hat should be at a tractor pull---thanks for sharing