Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

James Ogden Day 2013...'s that time of year again!  This is when your faithful correspondent attempts to catch a brown trout, using a rod and reel made by James Ogden, on the very river where the great inventor first conceived the idea of tying flies deliberately to make them float.

Henry in the Mead by Ogden Island

The Head of the Ranunculus Run
Station "X"
Ogden Day Wild Brown Trout from "Station X" Ogden Island in the Derbyshire Wye
Supervising the Release
The Little Pheasant Tail that betrayed the WBT

We had a great time today.  The Drake came on later as they had yesterday and from about 14:00 the PPSG was taken with alacrity.  We packed up early and Warren gave us a lift home, much to Henry's delight.  He loves Warren.



  1. Hi RR am I right in thinking that Ogden Island is on the Black barn stretch with the small wooden footbridge leading across to it? Cheers Sean

    Anonymous on 06/06/13

    1. That's the place Sean. You go across turn downstream and keep going until you reach the end. Then you start and fish your way back up.

  2. Wow Rod, three beauties for the price of one. The water, the lovely trout and that beautiful reel.