Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Another Delightful Tangle

This was a 19 second exposure so the rises in between these protective fingers of willow didn't register on the film, but I'm sure you can understand why the default decision, when a tree falls into the river, is to leave it whenever possible.

(Remember to click on the photograph for a closer look.)

Regular Rod


  1. Certainly do.

    Q. Why do anglers, when wading up a river and throwing to likely fish holding structures because that's where the fish are or they rise there more confidently, suddenly want to rip them all out when the work party comes along?

    A. Because they havent got the slightest idea what they should be doing, and as they are there to do something, the structure becomes rubbish and out it comes.

    I wish anglers would just stick to angling.

    1. Whilst PISCATOR NON SOLUM PISCATUR (There is more to fishing than catching fish)is certainly true, I agree with you about the damage that a well meaning working party can inflict on a water. In England, where there is no such thing as a 100% natural river, an angler's primary responsibility is to put her, or his, money to good use by spending it wisely with fisheries that plough the money back into the professional, sensitive upkeep of the water.