Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Big Little Things...

Individually King Cups are little things.  For bringing joy to the beholder they are anything but "little" in their significance.
  I thought you might like to see this very seasonal sight that we delight in hereabouts.

Another BIG little thing is the Iron Blue Dun that I've banged on about before... 
The cold weather this week has had them out and about again.  I hope you don't mind me indulging in yet another snap of this other little thing that brings us, the trout and the birds a good deal of enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy them too.

Click the pictures if you would like a closer look.

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  1. I never tire of lovely pictures and places I would love to fish.

  2. A plus for the fly angler. So much beauty, and one needs not catch a fish.