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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Helping the police with their enquiries...

No I am not wearing wrist restraints but I hope to be helping the police fly fishing club on Tuesday evening with a "talk".  I've never done one of these before and was thus stimulated into thinking things through in some detail.  What can I tell them?  Well then it dawned on me that telling people how to fish is not always a good idea.

I understand that there is a saying from Spain that goes along these lines:

"You may criticise an Englishman's wife but never criticise his driving!"

Is angling not a little bit like that?  Am I causing offence when I pass on a few bits and pieces intended to help?

Well maybe the best thing to do is simply explain how I go about this wonderful Sport of ours and if the ideas are deemed worthy of trial then so be it, and may it bring us all great pleasure.

The only certainty that I can offer the police and you dear blog reader is that those three, integrated principles touched on in this earlier post and then this one are paramount to the angler's enjoyment and success.

You can drop onto any point of this "wheel of fortune" and you will find it leads you to the other two.  Try it!  Start at "Be stealthy" - this makes it possible to "Observe" without scaring the fish and so gives you more chance to "Fish where the fish are".  Start at "Fish where the fish are" because you happen to know that there are fish just there and if you decide to "Be stealthy" you will get chance to "Observe" them and what they are eating.  Start with "Observe" and okay your first observations might be seeing scared fish fleeing before you.  Never mind!  That signal should encourage you to "Be stealthy" and, by so doing, scare no more fish, see where they are and begin to "Fish where the fish are".  Round and round this wheel turns and much joy can we derive from where it takes us...

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