Photograph by Steve Barnett

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Shopping list...

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...for the Fly Fair?

  1. Cock Badger Cape of the highest quality
  2. Cock Honey Dun (and all the Rusty, Brassy, Blue variants) ditto.  If only I could find a genetic quality cape in the colours of this old Indian cape that I acquired nearly forty years ago.
  3. Fine black Ostrich herl preferably on the plume
  4. Size 26 (round not oval )silver braid (if I ever see it again)
  5. Anything else that turns the head and fills it with the inexplicable desire to possess and maybe even use it!

Regular Rod


  1. Got a Whiting SB Pro grade saddle. Was so nice, I went back and bought a grizzle.
    Bought plenty of Number 5.

  2. RR,

    Were you succesful or did I beat you to them?

  3. Unsuccessful but I couldn't resist a very fine natural dark blue dun Hebert cape!

    Should be good for Iron Blue Dun versions of the Grey Duster...