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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Unashamed free advertisement!

Not really an advertisement, more a piece of inside information for readers of this blog.  You already know that to get the most out of your dry fly fishing it is best to fish where you have the most opportunity of casting to the best possible fish in delightful surroundings.
Haddon Estate's Derbyshire Wye at Grayling Time
Haddon Estate has just introduced what has to be the very best value for anglers wanting to make a bit more of a commitment to their Derbyshire Wye fishery than simply buying a day ticket.  The new Peacock Fly Fishing Club arrangements are just plain fantastic and make it viable to fish whenever you want.  Members will be able to pop over after work and fish the evening rise, or make a dawn raid in mid-summer before the day gets going.  The grayling fishing is included in the membership fee. The possibilities are endless!

Have a look here and see why I'm bubbling over with excitement...

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