Photograph by Steve Barnett

Friday, 6 July 2012

No Fishing! Browned off...


Ah well!  We need the water after two years of drought.  I refuse to complain or feel resentment at the extra water we are getting through my favourite river, even though its colour means no fishing here for now. 

It will settle down in a few days and Henry and I can add some further purpose to our time by the water.

Regular Rod


  1. Just come back myself from a discoloured river and am also grateful - just a few weeks ago we were screaming about abstraction and the river being on its bones. Head of Met Office on BBC news said at lunchtime that there were very few dry days in his forecast till end of July, and that Olympics would be cursed with rain ! - back to fly tying bench.

    1. That is exactly what I have been doing! Flies and more flies, salmon flies for next year's holiday and some extra Poly Prop Sherry (PPS) spinners using some rather splendid straight eyed, barbless, forged carp hooks by Ashima from Profish.

  2. Completely agree RR. My fishing has been completely limited this year due to time and weather. At worst being rained off your river a few weeks back. But all this rain can only be doing us some good, so I hold my tongue and try to keep myself sane by tying flies and getting my gear sorted.


  3. I feel your pain Rod. Many of our rivers were like this all last summer. This year we are in the middle of a terrible drought and wildfires. I trust that Mother Nature knows what she is doing!!