Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Today saw the opening of a new style of fly fishing outfitters, the Game Angling Consultancy in Derby

The premises from the outside are simple and unpretentious.  A great boon was being able to park right outside the door, not a yellow line or meter beater to be seen!

Inside, Tony Spacey, the proprietor, has had the industrial unit transformed into what can only be described as an emporium with an atmosphere like a friendly Mayfair club where it just so happens you can examine and buy high quality fly fishing gear and materials. 

Tony is determined that if a client comes in through the door she or he will not be disappointed due to a lack of stock. 

He wants his clients to be able to sit and have a coffee or glass of something in comfort, have a natter, tie a fly or two at the bench, and of course buy some special item, even if it is something that is not generally available. 

Some of the special things that caught your faithful correspondent's eye included: all the range of Veniard's threads (and most of the other materials); the range of Lamson fly reels (engineered to perfection); and the range of Temple Fork Outfitter's fly rods (amazing build quality). 

Roll on pay day!

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  1. About time Walkers had some competition, any local anglers involved?

    1. Top honey producer in Europe, Tony Spacey of Littleover Apiaries, is the man who has started it all. He fishes all over the place. Being a business man and dissatisfied by some of the fishing tackle purchasing experiences he has had over the last two or three years, he's decided to "fill the niche".

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  2. RR, I can't believe you have had your head turned by those Lamson reels, what happened to fit for purpose??

  3. Don't worry Dave, if one ignores the price and looks just at the reels, there was one family of reels that were finished in a dark matte grey coating, a sample of which we were invited to scratch. Having scratched it with a bottle opener we just rubbed the scratch and it disappeared!

    The open cage was practical being the same layout as my cheap little old Shakespeare Condex Fly that was in a picture in a post way back

    The construction and the standard of engineering was very good and they were light for metal reels. If they were a lot less money then I would have bought one without thinking anymore about it.

    Meanwhile, my carbon reinforced plastic reels will continue to serve me and my dry fly fishing.

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  4. I will have to be very careful then as GAC is less than 5 mins drive from my workplace!