Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Flood Giveth And the Flood Taketh Away

Remember this wonderful thatch from last year?  A brilliant hidey hole given by the flood.

Well here it is after the most recent flood...

The Flood Taketh Away...  Ah well, not every thing turns out the way we expect, but look here, just a few yards upstream!

The Flood Giveth!!!  An entire alder tree complete with root ball and a little of the promontory that it used to stand on!  Every single pocket behind this amazing gift of Nature has a trout in it.  This large woody debris has delivered half a dozen or more little feed lanes and the fish love it. 

Throughout the beat the fish also loved the Grannom, for about three hours, today.  It was a joy to witness and the Fresh Grannom proved most acceptable to the rising fish. 

Even battered and a little torn the fly kept convincing them that it was another of the flies they were feeding on.  It was a boost to the ego that the fly worked so well.

Regular readers of this blog are familiar with Henry and his love of working.  He was his usual self today bringing me a fine collection of balls that The Flood Giveth.  Imagine the astonishment of your blogger when Henry arrived carrying a very dirty neoprene pouch with the legend "HARDY" on it and a loaded fly reel inside it of the same brand!

The Flood had certainly Taken Away for some unfortunate fly fisher!  One can only imagine the horror and disappointment of losing such a treasure.  Never mind, thanks to Henry it can now be returned to its rightful owner.  If this pouch contains your reel, simply drop me an email and let's get it back to you.

Who's a clever boy then?

At this part of the season, it is worth going out for the two hours before and the two hours after noon.  Just keep your eyes open for the Grannom, they only have a short season...

Regular Rod


  1. Your Blog much missed - glad to see it return, many thanks

  2. Good to see renewed activity! I fished a grannom hatch on the Derwent below Darley Bridge but saw not a single rise and couldn't tempt anything up so it's good to know someone had some pleasure on the grannom yesterday.

    1. When this is happening, try to find some fish in the shallower water. It brings them a little nearer to the potential food and just gives you that little extra chance that they may make the mistake of eating your fly.


  3. Hi Rod! I'm always amazed every spring when I survey what's changed with my favorite stream after a long winter.

    1. I was amazed at what was in your favorite stream a couple weeks ago! Haha