Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Mayfly - Time and Place

These first (poor quality) video snippets are of female adult mayflies returning to the river Lathkill (a very important tributary  of the Derbyshire Wye) to lay their eggs.  They are doing this from 4:00 pm onwards...

This second pair of (poor quality) video snippets are from the Derbyshire Wye the day after.  They are of male adult mayflies dancing to attract mates.  Most of the females are yet to have their eggs fertilised.  The main egg laying activity for the mayflies on this river begins at least an hour later.

Do you remember this post from May 2012?  On that day things started much earlier on Hampshire's river Anton...

Get to know your river and it's own timekeeping.  Over the years such knowledge will pay you back handsomely, again and again.

Regular Rod


  1. Rod
    Absolute gorgeous stream, and super hatch to compliment. Is this stream one of your favorites? Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Bill, yes it is one of my favourite places to fish. I moved house to be within walking and cycling distance of these streams. The Lathkill teaches the angler what he thought he knew about stealth. It is the only purely limestone spring fed river in the British Isles and is of a clarity that rivals plate glass. The fish can see us from quite a distance so we have to hide to cast...


  2. Well, despite your description Rod, I loved the little videos. It's hard to hide excitement when those bugs are in the air.