Photograph by Steve Barnett

Monday, 16 June 2014

16th June 2014

My paternal Grandad took me fishing for the first time on 16th June 1956.  He was a traditional Sheffield style angler and that is how he taught me to fish.  A veteran from the Royal Flying Corps in WWI, he's long gone now but I'll never forget him, just as long as I can manage to commemorate this anniversary with a few hours by a quiet lake, bait being bread flake alternated with crust and, to finish the day, some worms...

Alisdair is a good friend.  He knows full well how important this ceremonial trip is to me.  He kindly took care of the permission and the transport to this private estate lake in Derbyshire.  Here he is with a nice Rudd heaving away at his 1970s ABU rod and reel.  He chose to fish in 1970s mode.  I used everything from the 1950s.  Glass for Alisdair, hollow built cane for me.  We began a few minutes after four o'clock this morning and at half past seven we were done for the day.  Alisdair to get to work.  Your faithful blogger to continue his slow convalescence at home.

All I wanted was a little Perch and maybe a little Rudd.  Instead I was treated to several hard charging Tench, plenty of Rudd, most of which needed the landing net and to finish the morning's pleasures a load of Perch on worms presented literally just under the rod top.

One of the "hard charging" Tench.  Grandad used to wax lyrical about the ruby eye of the Tench...
If okay by Wednesday, yours truly will be packing the salmon fly gear for the annual visit to the Dee in Aberdeenshire.  If not then someone else will have to take my place this year whilst I continue my enforced inactivity at home.

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  1. Nice. Yours is the first tench I've seen caught.

  2. Good luck on your outing Rod. In the meantime, it looks like you done good commemorating your Grandpa. Well done!

  3. I've seen a phone photo of one of your perch. Some fish!

  4. It's awesome to know the backstory on how you started fishing. My dad only taught me twice if I remember correctly. He was too busy with work. Luckily now, I've got good weekend buddies accompanying me on fishing trips. Thanks for sharing bro!