Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Match the hatch?

Hawthorn(e) Fly
We are surely kidding ourselves if we imagine we can make flies that are exact replicas of the real flies the fish are eating.

Charles Cotton's Black Fly

Around midday, this Friday, after a three or so hours with remnants of the, very late this year, Hawthorn(e) Flies, the trout turned their attention to the many Yellow Sally flies, which were doing their very best imitations of Chinook helicopters to get away from the danger zone on the surface of the river and find shelter in the bushes, trees and clothing of your faithful blogger. 

Yellow Sally
Double Badger

Two and half hours after this remove, the Drake put in a welcome appearance and within a few minutes the river was dotted with vigorous rises to the same.  Removing the hat to pin my Double Badger that had sufficed during the Yellow Sally event, it was made clear by the passenger discovered there that the fake about to be deployed was a long way short of being a replica of the real thing. 

Male Drake Dun
Hair Winged Mayfly (HWM)

Nevertheless the fish didn't seem to be able to tell the difference and that is a good thing because were things otherwise we would never catch a thing!

Regular Rod


  1. I really like Cotton's Black Fly, and the HWM fly.
    The Cotton fly is that silver ribbing?

    1. Yes, it is the thinnest silver braid I could find. Charles Cotton said "silver twist" so I use the fine braid instead of wire.


  2. Good going RR - nice report.


  3. I like the layout of this post. Good stuff.