Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 9 June 2013

A River in Good Condition

The Derbyshire Wye like every other river in England is abused.  However, the Wye is a miraculous river and it heals itself as it flows from a dirty trickle that supports next to no life to one of the most abundant rivers in the country. 

Today Henry and your faithful blogger simply lost ourselves in its wonder.  Words are inadequate to express how good it felt to be by such a healthy river with every living creature making the most of what it has to offer, so here are three snaps to try and explain.

Red Campion

Look Carefully - Can you see my shadow as I lurk among the willow?

The Food Chain...



  1. Rod, your photography is amazing. These are some great pictures. Enjoy the Wye.

  2. Rod,
    I tied up a couple of Cotton's black fly and put them to work today.