Photograph by Steve Barnett

Friday, 22 February 2013

Please watch this video!

Biosecurity should be a serious concern for anglers in the UK.  This is not closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.  Yes the invasive shrimps are now here, estimated to have been imported in the bilges of sailing craft after trips to Europe.  There are dangerous vectors, which distribute these aliens, such as pleasure craft, including yachts and canoes; fish farmers, as they distribute stock fish; and...  anglers!  Yes anglers.  We can spread disease and pestilence just as these other folk can.  The big differences between us and the other folk are, first of all we actually give a damn my Dear, and secondly we can do something about it.  We might not stop the other water users from distributing these unwanted visitors but we can stop ourselves and we can do this easily.

Stuart Crofts is a fellow Yorkshireman and, like your faithfull blogger, has a strong Yorkshire accent. However, I'm sure you will be able to follow what he says here...

Stuart shows us here that there is no need to use strong chemicals to clean up our gear after a day's fishing and before we go anywhere else to fish.  The remedy uses tap water!  In fact it only needs water from the hot tap to be completely effective.  We really do need to follow Stuart's timely advice.  Will you join me in so doing?  Please?



  1. Very interesting RR - good sound advice, from a man who is always worth listening to
    Matthew Eastham at 18:01

    1. Very kind of you to say Matthew, although I reserve the right to spout nonsense now and then...

      Stuart Crofts is a very bright chap who is one of life's doers. It is typical of the man that he has come up with this great precaution that all of us can take so easily.


  2. Paco Pepe Vázquez5 March 2013 at 10:59

    Very interesting, but I´m not sure it that is sufficient for the spores of Didymosphenia geminata. Thanks from Spain.