Photograph by Steve Barnett

Monday, 18 February 2013


... is the greater part of pleasure"

Derbyshire Wye - Reed Mace Bed - Below Meaden

By the time it is once more high summer, new reed mace stems will be head height along here.  The angler will be able to crouch and hide on the wet ground, today under water but by summer it will just be a bit boggy, and quietly ambush the whoppers that come out from under the trees on the other bank to intercept the Sherry Spinners...

Regular Rod


  1. Well that certainly gets the juices flowing. I'm of a mind to bring in one of those whoppers so I'll be looking up that beat later in the year. Thanks RR for the pic and for keeping the dream alive during the dark months.

  2. Lovely looking water Rod...not today though.