Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's a Cold, Cold, Shower...

Remember on St. Mark's day how the Iron Blue Dun was saving the swallows from starvation?

Then in mid-May we had another cold spell and the Iron Blue Dun came to save us all again.

Well here they are again!  The temperature is 8 degrees Celsius and the windchill makes it feel like considerably less.

This time, instead of swallows, we have the house martins to gracefully receive this bounty along with a few struggling Drake. 

It is still worth fishing though.  When is it ever not?

Regular Rod


  1. Very interesting how you've plotted the relevance of this fly since March, down here on the Wylye its not only cold but raining stair rod rain ! Mayfly sparse, no spinner fall. We're considering a Cyril Bennett plan to increase\farm BWO numbers.

    1. May you have every success. If you can win the battle for clean water in the right amounts in the river, instead of abstracted before the river can get, it you have a chance. To quote probably the finest river keeper of the present generation (who pinched the quote from W. P. Kinsella anyway) "Build it and they will come!"

      Regular Rod