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Wednesday, 25 August 2010



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As the summer draws to a close, to have Sport with the Sherry Spinner eaters, it is even more necessary to fish into the dark.  The daylight hours are now much shorter than they were when the Sherry Spinners appeared as the big attraction to trout and angler alike.  We have no choice if we still want to make the most of the chances to enjoy this, the very cream of dry fly fishing. 

Some water, which a few weeks ago you may have been able to fish until 9 and 10 o'clock at night, has to be ignored even though you know the fish are feeding there.  This is because you simply cannot see enough to be able to fish properly. 

Your strategy now has to be to find places where you will be facing west whilst you fish.  Make a note of where such places are and as the light fades, make sure you are sat or kneeling by one of them.  The effect is delightful.  A silvery, golden, pink sky makes the water's surface the same colour. Importantly, as well as delighting in this exquisite theatre of pleasures, you can see what is happening on the surface.  Your Sport can continue.  The only difference from earlier in the summer is that you pretty much fish just the one station for that evening.

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