Photograph by Steve Barnett

Friday, 12 March 2021

Traditional Dry Fly Box Comes Back to Life

 A few years ago a pal, and member of the choir we sang in, very kindly gave me a box of some fly fishing tackle that had been his Dad's. In it, among some other items, was this immaculate traditional Wheatley Dry Fly Box.

This season, in an attempt to be better organised, I'm going to use it as it should be. The list of flies I need to tie to fill the box for the season is there, roughly in order of priority, and a little in order with what to expect at the start and throughout the season.

Updates to follow, meanwhile I must find my reading glasses!

Regular Rod


  1. Rod what an awesome box. I would like to use that photo on my blog, with credit to you.
    By the way I still tie and use that Cotton's Black fly you posted so many years ago.

    1. By all means Alan. Help yourself and use it as you see fit. I'll be tying some Charles Cotton's Black Flies myself before the week is out, very glad you find it useful too. Still tying Grey Dusters at the moment, then it will be Fresh Grannom, followed by the Black Flies. This roughly corresponds with the order when to expect the appearance of the real flies for which these are crude fakes that sometimes trick a fish or two... ;)