Photograph by Steve Barnett

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Needle Knot

The stats indicate that the most popular post of this blog is the one explaining how to make leaders for dry fly fishing. 
That post includes the line drawing that shows how to make the needle knot to attach the fly line but there was no picture of the finished knot.  So here you are.
Still pretty neat...

Regular Rod


  1. Billy Lane sat me down by the window in his shop puffing on a fag with me sitting opposite he then showed me with the aid of a needle and his lighter how to tie a needle knot.simple he says,I thank him and leave with my new fly line with a perfect needle knot.It must of been 30 odd years later that I perfected how to do it,sorry Billy when you said simple and I nodded my head I was pretty lost.

  2. Merry Christmas Rod. The Nail Knot is still like magic to a small kid.

  3. For some reason my comment about Billy Lane and a needle knot wasn't published????? Are well who knows why,merry Xmas anyway.

    1. A real puzzle Ian. Blogger put it in spam. Fortunately it waited for me to verify it either as spam or not spam. Naturally it was not spam at all. In fact it is a superb comment and worthy of publication. I have Billy's books on float fishing. It is always a delight to read the work of real anglers writing from hard earned experience...