Photograph by Steve Barnett

Sunday, 3 April 2016

April Fool!

Dry Net!  Never mind.  The year is yet young.  The flies that have refused to hatch so far will have to hatch eventually.  This will mean more of them later on possibly leading to more "Red Letter Days" for your blogger.  It was great to be out by the little limestone river that is the lower Lathkill.  It may be small but it still benefits from the winter storms introducing new features into the water.  Here are a couple of places that would be really dull if it wasn't for the woody debris that seems to have fallen just right for the trout.

A fine place for an ambush come high summer.

Fresh woody debris that has landed perfectly after splitting from the tree in a gale
This high water shows up the seams that will be feed lanes and holding stations come summertime

Here's another spot where a branch has snagged and then caught up more debris for trout to hide in.

Your blogger may have been made an April Fool on opening day but his little black friend thinks it was a Grand Day Out!

(He is quite right of course...)

Regular Rod


  1. Rod, I quite agree with you. That looks like great water for a small stream guy.

  2. Those are some enticing spots! I'm sure a few good fish will come up for your flies there in a few weeks.