Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Reconnaissance and Recovery too...

We went further down river today before heading back up slowly, sticking right on the water's edge.  The high water has been bountiful. 

Here is some of that bounty.  A glorious new example of what I believe Bass fishers in the USA call "structure". 

Just look at that tangle!  It's a veritable thatch!  It won't be an easy fishing place but what a brilliant lair for a trout big enough to own it and keep it for itself.  Trout like structure.  I love it!

Henry is always working.  He made a harvest of some of this high water bounty...

His work resulted in the recovery of Seven tennis balls, one football (full size) and two full bottles of floatant!  His mouth is too small to hold the football so, after flicking it out of the branches it was caught up in and into the water, he swam across pushing it with the side of his head and shoulder until it was close enough for me to lift it from the water.  I'm convinced that we are the lucky "owners" of an extraordinarily intelligent dog.  He works all these strategies out by himself!

It will soon be time to bore him to bits as I make him sit quietly whilst I try to catch a fish...

Regular Rod


  1. Rod
    Like your new friend---high water can be challenge--thanks for sharing

    1. Henry is now an old friend. He's been my pal all his life and for eight years of mine. ;-)


  2. Fishing those kinds of spots can be very interesting. Around here there's surely be some nice brook trout under that!

  3. Looks like that dog had a great time.

  4. I think I'm in love with Henry! Imagine if he could retrieve my flies from the trees, I'd save a fortune.

  5. That's gonna be some difficult fishing around there. Definitely will be fish holding there though.