Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Opening Day 2015 was Wet and Windy

Some days it does us good to find things are not dead easy.  Today your blogger had the benefit of such a day and it is true the spirits are heightened.  The river is over its banks and in one or two places Henry ended up swimming where he and his pal usually walk dry foot.  His enthusiasm was undiminished and when the first (tiny) fish was caught he quickly resumed his policy of trying to help...

Wading is NOT Allowed!
Glides that are normally smooth were raging torrents today.  Places where fish hold station during summer water levels were empty.  It was more important than ever to find the fish before it would be possible to fish where the fish are so careful observation was paramount.  Being stealthy may not have been quite so vital today but keeping low and hidden was still worthwhile, as the fish are still there and fear is still easily spread by any fish under the bank to the others, so the usual efforts were made to avoid letting the fish know of the angler's presence.

Tread Carefully!
In between rain and hail showers there were brief periods of bright, warm sunshine and it was in those spells that the flies arrived at the surface and the rise forms gave the fish away.  These being fish that had been invisible until they took flies.  The flies were guessed as Large Dark Olives so a biggish (14) Double Badger was deployed, which proved acceptable to the fish that did rise and visible to the angler.

Macro setting on the camera for such a little fish.  Small maybe but very welcome and my word!  How beautiful it is..

It's good to be back...

Regular Rod


  1. A good opening, glad Henry was able to be of assistance.
    I'm with you on the beauty of that wild brown trout. Lovely red adipose.

  2. That is a terrific little fish. Good luck to you this season!

  3. I'm glad you had such an entertaining opening . Here in Spain the opening conditions have been pretty good . Great blog , you have a new follower ;)

  4. I cant believe you catched.

  5. The water is looking pretty good Rod. The fish as well. Thanks!