Photograph by Steve Barnett

Friday, 27 February 2015


Reconnaissance is a good use, maybe even the best use, of the dry fly angler's time during the next month.  Wander and wonder with a good pal, carry a camera and enjoy watching the river come alive.  Spy out where the river will be different from last season, the winter floods will have done much of their work by now.  Work out where the fish are, ready for your early season visits.  Observe and note where you may find some early cover before the leaves return, so you can be stealthy on the day.
Wander and wonder with a good pal...

(For those who maintain an interest in traditional photography this was made using a Yashica Mat 124G loaded with ILFORD HP5 Plus, which was developed in OBSIDIAN AQUA.)

Regular Rod


  1. Very nice. Hard to believe, but I sure do miss the days of film.

    1. No need to miss them. Cameras that at one time would be unaffordable can now be had for a fraction of their true worth and film is still being made. In fact new films are still being introduced to the market. Developing your own films is very easy. The internet is awash with How To videos... There is still a place for digital just as surely as there is still a place for film.


  2. Rod
    Great advice and something I did with my brother back in fall, I have to admit the photography wasn't as stellar as yours but I must admit it was a fun trip. thanks for sharing