Photograph by Steve Barnett

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Rain and more Rain, the Lifeblood of the Countryside.

Do you like to see the winterbournes running and all the springs welling up to fill the rivers, level off the obstructions and make it a little easier for the fish to run up stream? 

So do I.  Springs, in particular, can be so beautiful.

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Here's one by the side of the Derbyshire Wye.  It even has its own miniature world of ferns, ivy leaves and mosses supported by the bounteous gushing that disappears again under the ground to pour out into the river proper a few yards away.

What's this got to do with Dry Fly Fishing? 

To me? 


Regular Rod

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  1. A beautiful photograph.It was places like these that were the jungles and rain forests of my childhood imagination.Thanks for the memories.