Photograph by Steve Barnett

Friday, 13 September 2013

A Sure Sign of Autumn Fast Approaching

Your faithful blogger loves misty mornings by the river.  Perhaps because the deeper, sub-conscious mind associates them with joyous times as a boy, Coarse fishing, usually for roach, when the float could trot quite out of sight in the enveloping fogs.

This is not a photograph of some carelessly discarded nylon.  It is one of the amazing threads of silk made by the spiders in the night.  This one spanning well over six feet.  With a coating of misty dew it makes a fine indicator of how the weather is now distinctly Autumnal. 

No river roach for me these days, too far away.

Never mind though, today I am surrounded by rivers that teem with grayling...

How blessed we are to be anglers!

Regular Rod

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