Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Source

What to expect was a puzzle for the mind before "finding" it this last Monday.  A project to document the Derbyshire Wye along its short journey from the moors west of Buxton to the confluence with the Derwent at Rowsley Bridge would be incomplete without a picture of the true source.

Having seen the miserable dribble that begins the mighty river Trent it was natural to be expecting not much at all...


180 degrees wrong!

The source of the Derbyshire Wye is a beautifully shiny, black cauldron cut into the peat bogs of Featherbed Moss, more or less 530 metres above sea level.  The sight is a much more prepossessing spectacle than was expected.  Delight was tempered by the squalls of rain that kept starting and stopping with a horizontal fury that ensured your blogger would be working with cold wet fingers, doing his best to protect the old view camera, its priceless lens and the vulnerable film holders, all the while racing against the fast setting sun.

The Source

The First Yards

No Ducks....   up here the Wye is serenaded by the Go Back! Go Back! of the Red Grouse

Was it worth it? 

You the viewer are the sole arbiter...

Regular Rod

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  1. Utterly fantastic. I know Axe Edge and have often looked over to where I thought the Wye started. I wonder if the Dove has a similarly enchanting and wonderful begining? That must be around there somewhere. Great job.