Photograph by Steve Barnett

Monday, 6 May 2013

On Being a Luddite!

So I promised you a look at the snap I made yesterday whilst Henry was patiently waiting. 

That was a foolish thing to do.  I love film but a digital image would have shown me in the camera there and then that I had flare in the photograph and I would have made another exposure to correct it.  With film we have to wait to see the result and, although I knew it was a risky exposure to make being contre jour and therefore susceptible to unpredictable effects such as flare, I went ahead and said you would get to see it...

Here it is, not good enough and I will have to see if another can be made some time in future.

I still love the results that can be had with film but this was a failure!

Regular Rod


  1. Never a failure Rod...crop out the flare and you've still got a great photo.

  2. Pretty spot, is that a foot bridge in the background?

    1. It is indeed. It's gated and for anglers only. Here's another view...