Photograph by Steve Barnett

Thursday, 25 October 2012

You are well overtaken, Gentlemen,

a Good Morning to you both...

There was a bit of a Compleat (Complete) Angler moment this morning whilst out with Henry to practise some retrieving (and "sits" and "stays" not to mention an urgent "Heel!  You little brute! Heel").  We came across Bernie Maher and one of his lucky clients.  Bernie as well as being a fantastic fisherman (Champion and sometimes England Team member) is a great teacher, as your faithfull blogger knows first hand from his casting lessons.

The quarry they sought were the grayling that are in fine fettle at this time of year in our local rivers.  The Town fish in Bakewell can only be approached when there are few folk around so Bernie and his client were taking full advantage that the place was almost deserted.

After a few moments chatting we parted, each to our allotted tasks.


The ball is thrown a long way and there is a pause for half a minute...


Henry is away like a rocket and soon returns with the ball.


It is returned.

"Big fish!"

The shout comes from upriver.  The temptation is too much and we both turn and sprint over to see.

They weren't kidding.  A magnificent male grayling, in dark gunmetal, lay in the bottom of Bernie's ridiculous landing net. 

The little camera was where it lives, in the pocket, so some quick snaps were taken and then the beautiful grayling was returned unharmed to the river.  This led to another photo opportunity and here you can see the results above and below for some short attempts at video capture...

Please accept the apologies due for the poor videos but framing was all guess work, done on the knees, at arms length. 

Just look at those colours and markings in the pelvic fin!

Regular Rod


  1. Split pectoral; eighth ray, passenger side. I'd notice that one again.

  2. Already caught that beauty, hopefully catch again soon. Bernies net ah ah ah!


  3. Very nice shots RR, was that the new camera? Interesting about seeing features on fish you could see again. I've always wondered about re-captures of game fish, and just how many times a season fish could be caught like a brown trout or grayling if treated well? on You are well overtaken, Gentlemen,

    fishermanrichard. at 18:53

  4. It was the old Olympus that lives in my pocket, just in case...

    The new camera is not digital.

    1. Hello regular rod. I'm the guy who caught this splendid fish. Just to say it was good to meet you and many thanks for the pics & videos. Greta memories

  5. Your site keeps impressing me more and more. Every time I think I've see all of it's beauty you have another post that tops it. I have never seen a grayling like that. It is really beautiful.