Photograph by Steve Barnett

Friday, 9 March 2012

Just in time...

...a good time, methinks!

A wander along the bank with a good friend was a pleasant interlude this morning.  My friend, Henry, was delighted that I was sticking close to the riverside.  As it meant he had more items of interest to examine than he would have had if all we had done was stroll up the meadow in a bee-line to the gate on our way home.

A singleton Lesser Celandine forecast that there would be at least four hours of sunshine and no rain. 

Henry was puzzled that we didn't seem to be doing much.  He doesn't understand reconnaissance in the way I do it.

Then I saw something that was not beautiful - a BAT TRAP

Here was the potentially disastrous result of my first attempts to get rid of the trap.  I had to wander off and find another branch of flotsam that might reach a bit better.

At last the blessed thing was dragged ashore, coiled up and put in a bag in my pocket for safe disposal once I got home.

1 - Why couldn't the "grayling" angler retrieve the flies and monofilament at the time?

2 - Why "grayling" fish a run that only ever holds trout?

3 - If the bats had come out of hibernation before it was removed there would have been a dead bat dangling there.

4 - Keep it up and I can imagine the head keeper closing the river at the end of the trout season instead of the concession we now enjoy to fish on until January 7th for grayling.

Anyway, on reflection it was a good time to go for a look round the river with a friend and I have to admit to a "feel good factor" after removing the hazard.  Henry had a good time too.

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  1. I can't help but think about me climbing a tree to retrieve a lost fly and the old lady that asked me to climb it again as her camera wasn't ready before I climbed down. Thanks for reminding everyone to retrieve their lost flies and line.

    1. Aha! Did you oblige her Howard?

      Regular Rod

  2. Great pics. I imagine that same person who is to lazy to retrieve their flies, is also probably to lazy to tie them. I know that each fly I tie has a special meaning to me. I try to retrieve my flies when ever possible. I fell from a tree last year and landed square on my casting elbow. Whatever it takes :) Tight LInes.