Photograph by Steve Barnett

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


John Neville in typical pose at Ladybower in the late 60's

...from still waters

"Whence come you?"
"The Lakes and Reservoirs!"
"Whither directing your course?"
"The rivers and streams!"
"What do you hope to find?"
"The true secrets of dry fly fishing!"

Of course they are not really secrets!  Nevertheless, there are some key differences from all the things you had to learn whilst fishing the Lakes and Reservoirs.  Having a go at dry fly fishing need not be a disappointing experience. 

Over the next few weeks we can consider some of the differences facing the many anglers who, having built up a treasury of experience on still waters, fancy getting to know, first hand, the joys of dry fly fishing on rivers and streams.

There are mainly 3 adjustments to make in a migration from still waters to dry fly rivers: 
  1. Clothes
  2. Tackle
  3. Approach
There!  Now that doesn't look too hard a list does it?  It need not be but we will take it on in easy stages just to make sure.  If you are fancying this migration do feel free to drop in a comment with any aspects of the move that concern you particularly and I will make sure we cover your points specifically.

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  1. I fish primarily moving water (rivers and streams)
    Im not too much of a dry fly guy. Sure the takes are awesome and all that but what I am for sure, is an angler with an open mind who is following your blog and willing to read.


  3. Goodness! You snapped us and we didn't know!

    He might be confined to a chair now and blind in one eye with only about 40% sight in the other but John Neville still caught fish that day on the dry fly. Two years earlier he fished the same spot for about four hours, staying hidden behind the margin, sitting in a folding chair and resting the water between fish. He caught 11 beautiful wild brown trout, all on flies he had tied years ago, when he could see properly.

    I think I was sorting out his leader when you took that picture. Nice examples of good hats for dry fly fishing, which reminds me I owe a blogpost concerning those very items...

  4. Warren 30 November 2010 11:18

    You were doing more than sorting his leader Richard, much more. You can also see you both laughing together, in fact I cant remember seeing the two of you when you weren't laughing together.