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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tactics for the back end of the season

You should always hide yourself from the fish. Even Town fish will be easier to catch if they are not aware of your presence and activities.

This time of the season presents you with some great opportunities to take advantage of the high vegetation along the banks and revisit some of those bigger than average fish that you failed to make the acquaintance of earlier in the season.

Those overtrousers will protect you from the nettles and thistles so just sneak in there on your backside using your legs stretched out in front of you to open up little gaps in the margin for you to sit in, surrounded by plants that tower above your head and render you almost invisible to your chosen quarry. This approach makes some severe demands on your casting, but, if you get close and conduct most of your casting sideways over the river, the proposition is viable in most cases.

The great thing about sitting in the margins like this is you get to see so much more than when you are standing up or walking by "looking for rises". You will see the rises nicely from your low vantage points but you will also get to see other things too. It is not a coincidence coarse anglers regularly get to see the kingfisher settle on a nearby branch and then dive to take a little fish.  The dry fly angler, who chooses to be inconspicuous, gets to enjoy such wonderful experiences too.

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